My soul clings to you;
your right hand upholds me.
Psalm 63:8

Holding. It is an everyday activity that might easily be overlooked. We hold people in our hearts and ideas in our minds. We hold on to God while God holds on to us. We also hold things, like palm branches and pieces of unleavened bread. If we stray further into this realm of physical objects, we begin to see containers holding things — holding water, holding wine, holding seeds, holding oil. And then there is Jesus. Who and what held Jesus? Who and what does Jesus hold? What about the things which ought not to be held, not to be grasped? And what of the things that we perhaps ought to release, things whose time has passed? This year’s Williamsburg Conference explores these and other questions. Bring your thoughts, your questions, your Bibles, and your friends, and join us as we consider the purposes, challenges, and benefits of holding.

For about 50 years, the Williamsburg Conference has provided a unique opportunity for praise and fellowship. Attendees explore inspirational topics in exhortations during the mornings and small group sessions during the afternoons. The small group sessions promote discussion in an effort to encourage everyone, young and old, to share their lives and build inter-generational friendships. The sessions focus on the topics from the morning’s exhortations. Group discussions will be built on scriptural foundations.

The Conference has been designed to help us apply scriptural knowledge about God’s precepts to our everyday lives. Let us focus our hearts and minds on worshiping and serving, in preparation for tomorrow and in preparation for the return of Jesus.

Colton and Emily Walker
Jonathan and Corina Midgett
Bruce and Joanie Parker


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The Structure

Morning sessions are devoted to building an understanding of the chosen theme through numerous sets of scriptural readings, exhortations, and hymns. Periods of quiet meditation throughout the morning allow us to focus on the personal implications of what we have considered and on our individual relationships with God.

The afternoons are devoted to smaller group sessions that again center on the theme. The goal is to discuss how we can apply the thoughts developed in the morning sessions to our own service. Group selection is random, so there is no age segregation and many people meet for the first time. This is all intentional. Participants find that they are able to speak from the heart. For this reason many consider the afternoons extremely beneficial and the heart of the Conference.

Evening programs are more relaxed and varied. A music program will occupy the final evening. If you would like to participate, bring an instrument, a song, and some voices.

Morning classes and afternoon activities are available for young children ages 4-13. Please indicate on your registration if you are willing to teach one children’s class on one morning during the Conference.

A continental breakfast is available for free. Lunches are taken in local restaurants, at your own expense. Two group dinners are provided in the large meeting room, one on the 28th and the other on the 30th. These are wonderful times of getting to know new friends, and renewing old friendships.

Please plan to join us for several days of intensive spiritual growth and introspection—a period of close fellowship with our God and our spiritual family.



To register online and get more conference information, click here. Registration will close on December 22, but will reopen on December 27 at the hotel in Williamsburg. If you know of anyone who wants to register but does not have internet access, please print the form below and give it to them or have them contact:

Sis. Emilyclaire V. Walker
7515 Axton St
Springfield, VA 22151

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