We are planning to hold the conference this year. Please register soon (like, within the next 5 minutes) so we know how many people are planning to attend. Here are the 2021 changes.  

  1. Tests. Take an at-home rapid antigen Covid test before you arrive. Purchase these in-person or on-line from CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart. 
  2. Masks. We will follow the Virginia state guidelines for masks: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/protect-yourself/mask-requirements-and-recommendation/.
  3. Meals. We will not have our two large group meals this year. You might consider getting take-out and eating with friends in the conference room.

In Need of Volunteers

We will need help on-site at the hotel.

  1. AV. We need help projecting the hymns. (Sign up on the registration form.)
  2. Morning classes for the kids. We are planning the conference for ages 5 and up. We need people who are willing to teach a single 45-minute mixed-age group class. (Sign up on the registration form.)
  3. Afternoon activities for the kids. We need some parents who are willing to take the kids on a hike or to one of the nearby playgrounds during the afternoon discussion sessions. (Coordinate with other parents in-person at the hotel.) 

2021 Theme: Following

“You follow me.”
John 21:22

Following. Following involves a certain directionality — for our hearts, our thoughts, our feet. It suggests a path, a particular Way. And it implies a leader who is leading. So, how do we follow? What or whom are we following? What are the precursors to following? Can following go awry? Who has followed before us? How can many different, opinionated people all follow together at the same time? Does my following have to look like your following? This year’s Williamsburg Conference explores these and other questions. Bring your thoughts, your questions, your Bibles, and your friends, and join us as we consider the purposes, challenges, and benefits of following.

For over 50 years, the Williamsburg Conference has provided a unique opportunity for praise and fellowship. Attendees explore inspirational topics in exhortations during the mornings and small group sessions during the afternoons. The small group sessions promote discussion in an effort to encourage everyone, young and old, to share their lives and build inter-generational friendships. The sessions focus on the topics from the morning’s exhortations. Group discussions will be built on scriptural foundations.

The Conference has been designed to help us apply scriptural knowledge about God’s precepts to our everyday lives. Let us focus our hearts and minds on worshiping and serving, in preparation for tomorrow and in preparation for the return of Jesus.

Colton and Emily Walker
Jonathan and Corina Midgett
Sam Turner and Lauren Ghent


Register here. Online registration closes on December 22.

If your plans change or you need to cancel, please tell us. The hotel charges us for your unused room(s).

Contact us at WilliamsburgConference@gmail.com or cmidgett@gmail.com.

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